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PILO Resume Tips for Your Public Interest Job Search

Consult the Wake Forest School of Law OCPD Public Interest Hub online. For more information from PILO on the job search, check out our posts on the topic here and here. Also, Harvard Law School has a comprehensive guide to public interest resumes here.

Take a moment and review the PILO Information Session Prezis below:


  • If you are a PILO Summer Grant recipient, the title is Hopkins Pro Humanitate Summer Grant. Include the year(s) you received the grant. Example: Under “Honors,” write “Hopkins Pro Humanitate Summer Grant Recipient, 2016″
  • If you have held a PILO Board position, you may use a general description of the organization and then specify your particular role on the board and how you have contributed to the organization as appropriate. Example: Under “Activities,” write “Public Interest Law Organization, Auction Chair, 2015–2016; Executive Director, 2016–present”


Apply to be on the 2017-2018 PILO Board of Directors!

The Public Interest Law Organization (PILO) is looking for next year’s board of directors!
PILO promotes Wake Forest Law’s tradition of training lawyers who serve not only their clients, but also their communities. Throughout the year PILO hosts multiple events (e.g., auction, golf-tournament, and chili cook-off) that help us raise money for student grants that are award to dedicated students who spend their summer working at unpaid public interest internships. This is a great leadership opportunity and way to show your commitment to public interest law!
The following positions are available:
Executive Director
Auction Co-Directors
Golf-Tournament Director
Chili-Cook-Off Director
Communications Director
2L Representatives
  1. Monday, March 13 - PILO Board of Directors Application Opens.
  2. Monday, March 27 at 5:00pm - PILO Board of Directors Application Deadline.




Contact: Stephanie Jackson

EJW Posted New Postgraduate Fellowship Opportunities!

Postgraduate Jobs
Organization: A Woman’s Place
Position: Domestic Violence/Family Law Staff Attorney
Location: Doylestown, PA
Deadline: March 31

The Staff Attorney will provide holistic legal representation to victims of domestic violence who are seeking emergency safety and relief. More info here.


Organization: Legal Momentum
Position: 2017-18 Gender Justice Fellowship
Location: New York, NY
Deadline: Apply ASAP – Rolling Deadline

The Fellow will work with grassroots organizations, media, government, labor unions, and advocacy organizations to advance gender equality. More info here.


Organization: National Employment Law Project
Position: Staff Attorney
Location: Berkeley, CA
Deadline: March 27

The staff attorney will support campaigns at the federal, state, and local levels to expand job opportunities for people with arrest and conviction records. More info on PSJD (free log-in required).


Organization: justiceAmeriCorps/Equal Justice Works
Position: Immigration Attorneys
Location: Dayton, OH; Dallas, TX; San Antonio, TX
Deadline: Rolling, Apply ASAP

The Equal Justice Works/AmeriCorps justiceAmeriCorps program is looking for new attorneys to provide legal assistance to unaccompanied immigrant minors. All openings are listed here.


Organization: Homeless Action Center
Position: Staff Attorney
Location: Oakland, CA
Deadline: March 17

Staff Attorneys will represent clients in applications and appeals for disability benefits. More info on PSJD (free log-in required).


Organization: Institute for Justice & Democracy in Haiti
Position: Be Just Legal Fellowship 2017-2019
Location: Boston, MA
Deadline: April 1

The Fellow will support justice struggles in the Global South, specifically in Haiti.  Application info here.


Organization: Knight First Amendment Institute at Columbia University
Position: 2017 Legal Fellow
Location: New York
Deadline: March 24

The Legal Fellow will work to preserve and expand freedoms of speech and the press in the digital age. More info on PSJD(free log-in required).


Organization: Center for Family Representation
Position: Poverty Justice Solutions Fellowships
Location: New York, NY
Deadline: March 10

CFR is looking for two Fellows to provide housing advocacy to clients in Queens and Manhattan. Application info here.


Organization: Equip for Equality
Position: Disability Employment Rights Helpline Attorney – Civil Rights Team
Location: Chicago, IL
Deadline: Rolling; Apply ASAP

The staff attorney will operate the new Employment Rights Helpline, and should have experience with employment discrimination and providing legal rights advice to people with disabilities. Application info here.

EJW Posted New Summer Internships!

Summer 2017 Internships

Organization: Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati
Position: Summer Law Clerks
Location: Cincinnati, OH
Deadline: March 3 (today!)

Summer law clerks will perform legal research and provide other assistance to legal aid attorneys in their cases. More info here.


Organization: Campaign for Youth Justice
Position: Summer Research and Policy Fellow
Location: Washington, DC
Deadline: March 31

The Summer Fellow will work to end the practice of trying, sentencing, and incarcerating youth under 18 in the adult criminal justice system. More info on PSJD (free log-in required).


Organization: The Kurland Group
Position: Summer 2017 Internship
Location: New York, NY
Deadline: March 8

The Kurland Group is a boutique LGBTQ civil rights law firm with an office in Manhattan. More info on PSJD (free log-in required).


Organization: U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, Office of Chief Counsel
Position: Summer 2017 Internship
Location: Centennial, CO (Denver)
Deadline: March 5

This Department of Homeland Security agency is responsible for adjudicating applications for immigration benefits in the U.S.More info on PSJD (free log-in required).


Organization: Shared Hope International
Position: Summer 2017 Legal Fellow
Location: Arlington, VA
Deadline: April 1

Shared Hope International is looking for Legal Fellow applicants with an understanding of human rights and a deep commitment to protect women and children. More info on PSJD(free log-in required).


Organization: National Asian Pacific American Bar Association Law Foundation
Position: Law Clerkship Program
Location: Washington, D.C.
Deadline: March 15

The Law Clerk will work on legal policy and research, draft talking points, analyze legislation, and other duties. More info here.


Organization: League of Conservation Voters
Position: Summer 2017 Law Clerk
Location: Washington, DC
Deadline: March 15

Law clerks will gain experience in a range of legal issues, including tax-exempt law, state and federal campaign finance and election law, and employment law. More info on PSJD (free log-in required).


Organization: Northwest Immigrant Rights Project
Position: Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Unit Internships
Location: Seattle, WA
Deadline: March 15

Interns will help provide legal services to immigrant survivors of domestic violence and others crimes, and maintain their own caseload. More info on PSJD (log-in required).

EJW Public Interest Law Resource Guides

Check out all of the EJW guides on equal justice jobs, debt relief, and community organizing on the Student Justice Center website!

(Password: justice)



Join the Equal Justice Works Student Representative program.

Show your commitment to public interest law! Join the Equal Justice Works Student Representative program.

EJW Student Rep

Equal Justice Works Student Representatives lead our JDs for Justice Network! They use grassroots organizing to mobilize the next generation of lawyers committed to equal justice.

If this sounds like you, check out more info about the Student Representative program.

2017 PILO auctions raise record $20,000 for summer grants

Student Lawyer: Breaking the Legal Career Mold

Student Lawyer magazine begins 2017 with a slate of articles on how to do things differently in your legal career. Here are a couple articles PILO thinks may be of particular interest to you.

student lawyer

  • In recent years, the term of art “J.D. advantage” was coined to describe careers that don’t require a license to practice law but for which applicants would be greatly advantaged in the job search process if they’ve earned a J.D. In 2014, a National Association for Law Placement survey showed that 15% of the class of 2014 accepted a J.D. advantage job. Put your J.D. Advantage to its greatest advantage.
  • Law students interested in politics often aim to seek elected office later in their career. But what are your short-term options in the political realm, and how do you get hired? Is politics your passion? 

4 Tips for Writing Great Emails

Over the past year, Boomerang for Gmail focused their research efforts on figuring out what factors contribute to getting higher response rates to messages we send. Here’s what they found!

1. Email closings matter!

Email closings matter!

Some people sign-off an email with Best, others with Regards, and many omit a closing altogether. Boomerang wondered if email closings actually mattered, so they looked at how different email closings correlated with average response rate. They found that there is indeed an optimal way to close an email: with gratitude!

Thanks in advance was the most effective closing of all, and emails that closed with a variation of thanks or thank you got a reply 36% more often than the other emails. The above chart shows how the eight most popular closings in our data set fared with regard to response rate.

2. Watch out for typos – especially on Mondays!

Proofread, proofread, proofread! When Boomerang looked at how subject lines affect response rates, they found that the number of errors in the subject line has a big impact on how your message is received. Just one typo in the subject line can decrease response rates by 15%!

As the number of errors went up, response rates decreased steadily. You might not judge a book by its cover, but it appears people do judge your email based on your subject line. The most statistically significant error was also the easiest one to fix: improper capitalization.

Typo Days

Boomerang also confirmed something you probably already knew: Mondays are terrible. Boomerang found that Monday was the day of the week where email subject lines had the most average errors. Moreover, the tone of the messages we write is most negative on Mondays. People seemed to get happier as the week went on, with Saturday and Sunday being the most positive.

3. Write like a third grader.

Third Grade

Boomerang found that emails written at a 3rd grade reading level were optimal, providing a 36% lift over emails written at a college reading level and a 17% higher response rate than emails written at a high school reading level.

The main components of reading grade level scores are the number of syllables in your words and the number of words in your sentences. So try using shorter sentences and simpler words than you normally would.

4. Keep emails short, but not too short.

Message Length

The sweet spot for email length is between 50-125 words, yielding response rates above 50%. Response rates slowly declined from 125 word messages to 2500 word messages, then tumbled after that. You want to make sure you include enough information in your messages, but if you need to send War and Peace, you might want to send it as an attachment!

Thanks Boomerang!

WFU Law OCPD Student Resource Center

Looking for a public interest job or summer internship?

Start with the OCPD Student Resource Center! In addition to a well of public interest organizations and job opportunities, you will also find:

And be ready for Lexis Advance on the job!

According to the latest statistics, you’re likely to have access to Lexis whether working in a law firm, court, agency or corporation. Use of Lexis Advance continues to increase as firms and agencies discover that unique Lexis Advance features, like Search Term Maps data visualization and Practice Centers , which consolidate everything you need for your practice-area, make legal research more efficient for them and more effective for their clients.

And don’t forget to use the Litigation Profile Suite on Lexis Advance to help elevate your networking acumen and prepare for upcoming interviews!